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USMLE Preparation: Our Perfect Recipe to Success

Unfinished projects, half-hearted attempts with your USMLE tests, and inconsistent study patterns are all going to hurt you while you on track to study for your USMLE exams.

The tests are hard enough and you have no reason to make it any harder on yourself by adopting study techniques most students are guilty of. If you are reading this, you are smart, resourceful, and fairly committed to your success.

We are with you.

For that reason, we came up with a tight-knit, easy-to-follow, and a no-nonsense plan to help you prepare better for your USMLE exams.

Research & Study

Even before you start studying for USMLE, understand what it takes to pass the test, the scores you’d need to aim for, and the subject you have to master. Trudging along blindly into your preparation mode doesn’t serve you any purpose.

The more you research about the exam, the study material, and how you intend to prepare for USMLE, the less you’d have to suffer later. The decisions you’d then make are going to well-informed, smart, and result-oriented.

Once you’ve done your preliminary research about USMLE itself, it’s time to look for the right partner to depend on for your studies. Go ahead and take a look at what we have on offer (and don’t forget to get 10% off when you opt for a paid plan).

Plan Your Study path

Staggered learning gets you staggered results (or no results at all). After all the work, time, and effort you’d essentially put in to your studies, you’d really not want results that you are not going to be proud of.

Open up that calendar (or opt to use Google Calendar if you are comfortable that way) and chalk out a time/date based plan to study. Mark your start dates, finish dates, and go granular if you have to on what you intend to achieve and when.

List down everything

The human brain is wired to drift.

We are capable of so many different thoughts and at the rate of too-many-thoughts-to-keep-track-of. You can’t afford to get distracted while you are studying for your USMLE tests. Practice creating lists to help mark your progress, tasks you’d need to complete, and set them all up with deadlines.

This disciplined approach might be hard for some of us who aren’t used to being organized. If you do manage to create lists and follow them, the results are spectacular and you’d want that, don’t you?

Reward Yourself Sometimes

Studying with focus is hard. We get it. Follow a routine of trying to reward yourself for every milestone you achieve. The practice of putting in the focus, followed by work, and then rewarding yourself is a self-fulfilling practice. It helps set the mood for intense study and preparation that you’ll need to ace USMLE exams.

If you are a member of our paid plan, we’ve made it easy for you to plan, study, and track your progress as you prepare for USMLE.

Tell us how your USMLE preparation is progressing. Signup for our free trial if you haven’t done that yet.

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