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USMLE/COMLEX Video lectures

Learn from over 250 hours of amazing simple USMLE Step 1 & 2 CK, COMLEX 1 & 2 CE video lectures from first Aid for USMLE texts. Never memorize facts from first aid anymore. We create videos that explain the concepts on how the boards will test your knowledge. Video speeds with 1.25x, 1.5x & 2.0x options are available.

Question Bank

Practice with over 4000 + USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 CK questions. Use our intelligently designed question bank that simulates the actual exam interface

High Yield flashcards

Study from 1000 USMLE/COMLEX flashcards. Complete your board prep with rapid review flashcards that test the most commonly asked facts on the USMLE/COMLEX exam.

Comprehensive Advising

Access to physician expert advice from our test prep guide, audiobooks. Use the top rated reviewed book; how to prepare for the medical boards, secrets for success on the USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX level 1.

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You don’t need a computer to study for your boards anymore. You can carry your board prep in your pocket by using our app, which contains everything you need to pass your boards.

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Study with an Intelligently Designed Qbank

We don’t believe in surprise when it comes to your board exams! Practice with over 4000+ USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 CK questions. Our interactive question bank simulates the actual USMLE FRED software, each of our practice questions is written by top USMLE physician experts, and each topic is based on the NBME curriculum blueprint and First Aid for the USMLE textbook. All of that means, when you purchase SmashUSMLE, you are getting a comprehensive and relevant study program that prepares you for exactly what you’ll see on the actual exam.

Step 1 Demo Qbank Step 2 CK Demo Qbank

Performance Analytics

Monitor your progress with our interactive software to compare your performance on our Qbank and improve your scores.

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  • I’m an IMG graduated from Medschool 8years ago and had my residency training in the Philippines. I took step 1 USMLE on 2019 after moving here in US. Unfortunately I failed it. I became very hopeless and futile after that. I didn’t know how to start reviewing again. Until I saw the advertisement online about SmashUSMLE review. I purchased the lifetime membership and I also got a coach- Jeet. Jeet taught me how to overcome my difficulties and pushed me to my limits. He believed in my capabilities of achieving a score of 240 in step 1. I used the masterclass videos and self paced videos simultaneously with uworld. Also, Dr. Adesina gave advices which were very encouraging and inspiring. He motivates you to go beyond your comfort zone and give all what you have to achieve your goal. Finally, I got a score of 215 after 6months of review. It’s really worth purchasing SmashUSMLE review. They will guide you throughout your journey of becoming a doctor you wished to become. Nothing is impossible and never put limits to your capabilities.

    Grethel Hernandez, MBBS
  • I really enjoyed using Smashusmle reviews to pass my Step 2 CK exam. The program is awesome. I am an IMG from attended Saint James School of Medicine.I matched at Louisiana State University in New Orleans in the Internal Medicine – Emergency Medicine Combined Residency Program.

    USMLE Step 1-222, Step 2CK- 233

    Amanda Ritchie, MD
  • I am an IMG from Trinity School of medicine, I failed step 1 and reached out to Smashusmle reviews. would highly recommend the Smashusmle tutors! I met with my tutor once a week and he completely customized a study program for my needs. He gave me so many tips and tricks that I can carry on to my Step 2 & Step 3 studying. I am on a budget and my tutor worked with me to get the best resources that were cost effective or free. We also discussed resume building and how to be successful on Step 2 CS and in clinicals. I got so much bang for my buck and truly enjoyed the process of working with my awesome tutor and studying for Step 1. I passed!!! I matched Family medicine Carolina Medical center, Atrium Health.

    USMLE Step 1- 225, USMLE Step 2CK 229 taylarmatched

    Taylar Albertini, MD
  • It’s the best course! Undoubtedly ! It’s the best course. I think they stick to the point and it’s not like Kaplan where they teach you everything that’s so not necessary for step 1. International born IMG, this is one is for you!

    Hina Naaz, MD
  • I think Dr. Adesina is great at explaining concepts and what I need to focus on for the Steps. USMLE Step 1 Score – 254.

    Nicholas Gamboa, University of Utah School of Medicine
  • This is the most helpful, great resource, very reliable and awesome video lectures if you are preparing to ace the USMLE STEP 1 exam. Dr. Adeleke is very good instructor and funny. You will not get bored in studying.. I assure you that!! I used this and its really a great help!! thanks to you SMASHUSMLE!!!

    Ashley Jansten
  • SmashUSMLE questions are simply amazing. If you really want to improve your score and synthesize the material quickly, I highly recommend going with SmashUSMLE!

  • His teaching style is unique in part due to his excellent ability to teach stuffs in a way we can understand and memorize concurrently within a short time. His mnemonics are so interesting that the stuffs gets into our brain for the lifetime. USMLE Score 245. “

    Esther Kim
  • your lectures are truly remarkable. i think its safe to assume that there are no other channels where lectures are so clearly explained. you have put a lot of effort into making this and I’m truly happy to have benefited from this. Thank you

  • you are so amazing at teaching! I scored 210. thank you.

    Jenny Tumba
  • Wow! I love your lectures.  you make a very good teacher/lecturer, you just made it a whole lot easier for me to understand  Hemostasis. Love it!

    Arth Joshi
  • love all your videos! Thanks man!

    Jessica Tan Xian Hui
  •  This is the best USMLE review program today. Absolutely amazing! I marvel that in medical school we struggled to understand what is so clear here. If there are any other USMLE prep company that even approximate this one, I wish somebody would let me know.

    John Ellis
  • Great exam preparation resource. I love Dr. Adesina’s style of teaching; he makes studying for USMLE super fun.

    Dildeep Gill
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